Lab Members

St. Mary’s Project Students


2015 – 2016

Kylie Curtis: Climate-related range shift: A meta-analysis of terrestrial and aquatic species’ rate of range shift.

Megan Gerdes: Diapause termination and metabolic rate in the pitcher-plant mosquito (Wyeomyia smithii).

Evan Harris: Comparative genomics of predatory bacteria Ensifer adhaerens and non-predatory bacteria Sinorhizobia fredii.

Gabby Leather: Genomic assembly and comparative analysis of the facultative predatory bacteria Aristabacter necator.

Maureen Monk: Genetic variability in natural and transplanted populations of the purple pitcher-plant Sarracenia purpurea.

Bradley Power: A comparative genomic analysis of the predatory aquatic bacteria Micavibrio aeruginosavorus and the non-predatory aquatic bacteria Candidatus puniceispirillum marinum.


Mary Addison: How long is a blood-meal detectable in the Asian Tiger Mosquito?

John Allyn: The use of technology as an aid in understanding statistics topics in relation to biological concepts.

Collin Brown: Mosquito Immune Response to Paramecium falciparum; Combatting Malaria within the Vector

Matt Fowler: Comparative genomic analysis of neotropical malaria vectors.

Derrick Fyfield: Analysis of Genetic Variation in the Neotropical Malaria Vector Anopheles darlingi: Determining Genetic Correlates of Plasmodium Infection Susceptibility.

Leslie Sepaniac: Expression of carbohydrate metabolism genes surrounding diapause in Wyeomyia smithii, the pitcher plant mosquito.


Rachel Allen: Evaluation of the role of methoprene-tolerant in diapause via gene expression analysis in the pitcher-plant mosquito, Wyeomyia smithii.

Daniel Harris [website]: Primate epigenetic evolution: An analysis of CpG island evolution in the human, chimpanzee, gibbon, and rhesus monkey genomes.

Jake Quaytman: Analysis of population genomic structure in natural populations of the major neotropical malaria vector Anopheles darlingi.

Johanna RamboThe effect of speciation on the population genomic structure of Ipomopsis aggregata and Ipomopsis tennuituba.

2012 – 2013

Brodie Morris: Genomic analysis of vitellogenesis genes in autogenous, nonautogenous and non-bloodfeeding mosquitoes.

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